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A Busy Term In BGO Singapore

BGO Singapore is just starting their new term, after a really busy term at the end of 2017.

Rainbows learnt how to be healthy and celebrate some festivals for two badges, before enjoying some Christmas parties and the Christmas Service. They also collected coins in smarties tubes after doing some challenges to raise money for the Hurricane Irma appeal. The highlight of the term was scaling new heights rock climbing. Rainbows Rocked!

Brownies had sleepovers, fundraised for Irma, walked along the Southern Ridges, and did their disability awareness, toymaker, agility and cooks badge. The Wessex groups put on a talent show, and the DCIS group helped paint some toilets for The Urgent Run too!

Guides managed to escape various Escape Rooms, went on a camp, visited ACRES animal shelter and raised money for Irma (DCIS Guides managed to grow $10 into a profit of $869.76!). They also represented BGO at the Kranji Remembrance Service and our own Christmas Service

Senior section have been learning to be independent, put together IKEA furniture and made some Christmas wreaths, as well as joining in the Kranji Service and Christmas Service.

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