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Smores and more on our District Girl's Night Out

On Saturday 16th May the Brownies, Guides, Senior Section and Leaders came together at Camp Christine to enjoy a fabulous Girl's Night Out around a campfire.6th, 7th and 9th (Dulwich) Brownies spent the weekend a Camp Christine whilst Guides, Senior Section, 10th (Dover Court), Wessex and SJII Brownies attended on Saturday night to sing around the campfire!

The evening started with a scrummy fish and chip supper, followed by some enthusiastic singing led by Em.. Then it was time for our gooey squishy smores - which involved a quick physics lesson as th embers were so hot we had to lie on the grass around the fire to toast our marhsmallows!

There were some special awards given out to leaders too - Karen Ormond, Nikki Allison, Sheona Stevenson and Zoe Hancock - all new Leaders from Dover Court made their Promise to District Commissioner Elaine Watt, and Helena Johnson And Clare Humphreys received their Leadership Qualification. Anita Pearson received her Camp License.

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