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Rainbows Sparkle with Girl Power

BGIFC Singapore Rainbows had a great day out visiting the Brownies at their Girl Power Camp. While the Brownies stayed calm with girl power, the Rainbows sparkled! We met the Brownies, who told us about their camp and all of the jobs and fun things they had done so far. Then we got to play some team games with them and had a tasty girl power cupcake too! While some Brownies prepared lunch we were taken on a tour of the dorms and got to climb on the Brownies beds, and see where the older girls and Senior Section were camping in tents (although some of the tents had collapsed in the heat- so we were glad we weren't sleeping in them!) It was very hot, so we were glad at lunchtime that we got to eat our packed lunch in the shade! Some of us were jealous of the yummy looking lunch the Brownies were having! After lunch we sang 2 of our favourite songs "Crazy Elephant" and "Thunderation" before the Brownies made a long long tunnel we had to go down to say bye and receive our badge!

It was a fabulous sneak peek into the next setion of Guiding!

For more photos click here

Rainbow girl power camp visit1 - 18.jpg

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