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Brownies see stars and s'more on their sleepover!

On 7th November, 7th TK Brownies and 6th Singapore Brownies got together for a sleepover at the Canadian International School, which was full of fun and activities. This was held to celebrate The Big Brownie Birthday, but we also incorporated The Star Quest badge into our programme. We were supposed to start off at the beach, but as so often happens in Singapore the weather did not agree with our plans. Luckily a wet weather programme had been designed, so we had a star hunt, followed by ‘old fashioned’ games such as leap frog, skipping and hula hoops. This was followed by a pizza dinner and of course the all important s’mores and a ‘glow in the dark’ sing song before bed. The girls slept in the gym at the school. We had an early start the next morning first with breakfast then on to complete our remaining tasks. These tasks were designed to help NASA put the missing stars back in the sky over the UK, so Father Christmas would be able to find his way around the world on Christmas Eve and deliver all his presents. A number of tasks were assigned to the girls in their groups, a blind taste test of dried fruits, some of which were extremely hard to guess. They then had to design a new snack for the ‘future’, with some of these dried fruits. They had to plan and act out an advert for a ‘future’ planet. Last but not least they all built and decorated a ‘pop rocket’, which we all had tremendous fun launching into the sky.

We finished up with badges, gifts an extremely loud chorus of Thunderation and then saying goodbye to our new brownie friends.

For photos click here

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