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Rangers offers young women aged 14 to 18 the opportunity to develop their skills and abilities through a flexible and inspiring programme which offers a huge variety of challenges, activities and opportunities for personal development.

In Rangers you'll follow our new programme - see below for a summary.


BGO Singapore currently have 1 Ranger unit based in the Wessex area.  The unit is run the same way as a Ranger unit in the UK - with the girls in the lead.

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THEMES -There are now 6 themes which run all the way from Rainbows to Rangers.

INTEREST BADGES - for girls to explore their own hobbies and passions outside of the unit meetings

UNIT MEETING ACTIVITIES (UMA's) - fun activities done in the unit meetings

SKILLS BUILDERS - designed to develop core skills in each of the themes, done during unit meetings

THEME AWARDS - a combination of UMA's (300 minutes worth for Rangers), Interest badges and Skills Builders within the same theme

GOLD AWARD - 6 theme awards plus the Gold Challenge activities

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