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Rainbows is all about developing self-confidence, building friendships, learning new things and, most of all,  having fun. Girls get their hands dirty with arts and crafts, trying out cooking playing games, singing songs and going on some fantastic outings!


Rainbows is all about learning by doing.


The only difference is that we wear tabards as our uniform - each unit has a different colour.  We really do look like a Rainbow when we get together!

We have fun!


Rainbows are girls aged five to seven. Currently there are 3 Rainbow Units in Singapore.  We run exactly the same as Rainbow units in the UK - we make the same Promise, we do the same badges and we look after our mascot Olivia!  We have recently gone through some major changes to our programme - bringing a wider range of activities and challenges to the girls - see the overview below for how it works.

To read our blog to find out what BGO Singapore Rainbows are up to, click here


To register your daughter to join BGO Singapore Rainbows, click here

For further information and links to the Rainbows website, uniform etc click here


THEMES -There are now 6 themes which run all the way from Rainbows to Rangers.

INTEREST BADGES - for girls to explore their own hobbies and passions outside of the unit meetings

UNIT MEETING ACTIVITIES (UMA's) - fun activities done in the unit meetings

SKILLS BUILDERS - designed to develop core skills in each of the themes, done during unit meetings

THEME AWARDS - a combination of UMA's (180 minutes worth for Rainbows), Interest badges and Skills Builders within the same theme

GOLD AWARD - 6 theme awards plus the Gold Challenge activities

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