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Guides is our section for girls aged 10 to 14.  In BGO Singapore there are currently 3 Guide units. We run our Guide units just like the units are run in the UK, with the same Promise and the same uniform!


By becoming part of a worldwide community of girls who learn together and share skills and experiences, Guides have the chance to get out there and do something really different.


Members take part in a wide range of exciting activities at their regular meetings, and at special events or holidays. Girls can get involved in anything from adventure sports to performing arts, travel and taking part in community action projects.

Guides work together in small groups or 'Patrols' and, with the support of an adult Leader, choose and run some of the activities themselves using Go for It! resource packs.


The Guide programme has recently gone through some major changes - see below for a summary


To read our BGO Singapore blog to find out what the Guides are up to, click here


To register your daughter to join BGO Singapore Guides, click here

For further information and links to the Guides website, uniform etc click here


THEMES -There are now 6 themes which run all the way from Rainbows to Rangers.

INTEREST BADGES - for girls to explore their own hobbies and passions outside of the unit meetings

UNIT MEETING ACTIVITIES (UMA's) - fun activities done in the unit meetings

SKILLS BUILDERS - designed to develop core skills in each of the themes, done during unit meetings

THEME AWARDS - a combination of UMA's (300 minutes worth for Guides), Interest badges and Skills Builders within the same theme

GOLD AWARD - 6 theme awards plus the Gold Challenge activities

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